Hawk International FZ LLC, established in 2018 in United Arab Emirates, belongs to Hercules Holding LLC and was created to provide a comprehensive service to the luxury industry. In 2019 a branch in United Kingdom was founded and named Hawk International Hub LTD to better develop the partnerships with British colleges and industries. The Hawk’s group of companies has been conceived to serve in the most interconnected mode the entire luxury ecosystem across regions, market segments and product categories. The company aims to upgrade the industry providing to entrepreneurs, designers and executives the finest educational intensive programs, the most talented design and management facilities and addressing, through international events and conferences, the factors shaping and driving luxury system in the present time and in the years to come.

To achieve these goals, Hawk International FZ LLC relies on top educational institutions, on wide high-ranged network of professionals, on extensive qualitative and quantitative analyses, on industry sources and executive reports, which track industry trends, operating profit and economic value creation.

Hawk International FZ LLC aims to provide strategic courses and consultancies about some of the massive long-term changes in the luxury industry through forecasting outlook of the expected growth for the industry across regions, market segments and product categories, highlighting the top priorities for executives, and defining the trends that will set the business agenda over the next months and years. In order to support the growth of the ecosystem and bring to life the complex and multifaceted aspects of the industry, Hawk International FZ LLC also proposes a series of executive experiences on some of the most exciting developments, including the impact of artificial intelligence on ecommerce platforms and a once in a generation tipping point that could change the balance of power in the global industry.